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Aspects of Immigration that stood out during the week that has just concluded

During this past week, there was much tension in regard to the issue of immigration. First, President Trump announced a set of immigration measures in exchange for obtaining the necessary funds ($ 5.7 million) for the construction of the wall in the South border of the USA.

Among the announced measures, we can highlight:

– The extension of the program that benefits the young Dreamers (DACA) for 3 years.

– 3 year extension of stay for TPS beneficiaries

– The implementation of a new system that will allow asylum applications in Central America.

– Reform to promote family reunification of children traveling alone to the United States.

– Contract a greater number of Judges and Border Agents.

As you can clearly see in the proposal, and as many legislators say, there is no permanent solution for Central American immigrants covered by the TPS, nor for the Dreamers, who have been affected because the Central Administration decided to cancel the DACA protection program. However, said programs are still in force at the instructions of the Federal Courts in the hope that the Supreme Court will decide on its future. With this said, it is good to point out as an important aspect that the US Supreme Court decided on Friday not to take action on DACA, which means that the country’s high court will not address the issue during the current period. Therefore, the program will continue until the next fiscal year that begins on October 1. Once that date arrives, the maximum Court will have a few more months to issue a decision of any accepted case.

It also became known, as the 3rd aspect during the week that passed, a bill that was presented to the US Congress by 2 legislators, which would grant legal status to agricultural workers, which would give them the right to stay (Blue card) to work without the danger of being deported., Permanent legal status would come after workers continue to work in agriculture for a period of 3 to 5 years.