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The State Department announced this Friday that people requesting immigrant or non-immigrant visas must submit their social media and email information as part of their application.

The State Department is asking a majority of those who are applying for a US visa to submit their user names on social networks, recent and previous email addresses as well as telephone numbers from the past 5 years together with their application.

This measure is nothing new – since it was taken in 2017, only for people who had visited countries suspected of terrorism. Then, in March 2018, the norm was formally approved in the Federal Register, which came into force in October of that year for those applying for an immigrant visa. This Friday, May 31, the process was approved for all; both non-immigrants – that is, those who come as tourists, workers, students, etc; as to those who enter as an immigrant.

On the other hand, it is important to point out that any person who lies in their use of social networks could face serious immigration consequences – which would lead to the cancellation of said visa and would penalize them for a period of 5 years until they can re-process.

Those who are exempt from this measure – Diplomatic and Official Visa applicants.

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